Hire an officer
at your fingertips

Coming Soon! The ONGUARD app helps you easily find, book, and pay for security services from commissioned law enforcement officers.

Our Services

Private Events

Ensure peace of mind at your next event with professional and discreet commissioned police officers.


Commercial & Retail

Hire armed, active-duty police officers to maintain a visible and professional presence to deter crime.


Religious Facilities

Safeguard your place of worship with highly-trained officers to ensure your community's safety and security.


Childcare & Education

Ensure the safety of your school or childcare facility with the expertise of highly trained police officers.


Sports Venue

Engage active-duty police officers to expertly manage crowd control, safeguard talent, and deter crime.


Traffic Services

Hire active-duty police officers to manage your traffic needs to ensure the safety of your community.


Our Values

Safety First

The safety of our customers and officers is our highest priority

Seamless Experience

We embrace technology to provide a seamless end-to-end booking experience

Peace of Mind

We strive to deliver complete peace of mind so our community can focus on what they do best

What Our Customers Says

Our officers provide exceptional security and professionalism, making events run smoothly and safely.

Luxury Events Planner

"Before ONGUARD, my team relied on a hope and prayer when booking security. This is a huge help to my business and provides peace of mind to my clients."

Police Special Events Coordinator

"This is phenomenal. I needed this last week..."